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Spine Society of West Bengal

Acedemic Section – Post Graduate Teaching Course

The PG teaching course had been instituted for the last 4 years and has become very popular not only amongst those that are scheduled to appear for the MS(orth) or DNB (orth) final examination but also those who will appear in subsequent years.

This course is usually set up in a medical college catering to MS (orth) or DNB (orth) students and includes a mixture of didactive lectures and a mock-examination like scenario. The students present interesting cases and appear for the mock examination while it is being watched live by the other students. This mock-exam like setting boosts up the confidence level of the examinee and as a fall out the examination performance improves steadily. Both long cases and short cases are presented and those that are typically present in the examination are preferred.

Other than case presentations, there are didactic lectures on how to document a proper history from the patient, how to examine spine cases from an examination perspective. Dedicated lectures for correct interpretation of spinal Xrays, CT scans and MRI scans are also an integral part of this course. Tips and tricks on how to appear for the examination by experienced teachers have gone a long way to improve the preparedness for the exit examination of the MS and DNB courses in orthopedics.


SSWB Cadeveric Course in Spine at Kalyani college of medicine and JNM hospital on October 8, 2023

SSWB Post Graduate Teaching course at R G Kar Medical College on March 18, 2023

SSWB Clinical Seminar on Spinal Metastses and Tumours on December 11, 2022 Sunday, 11 am at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital

SSWB Webinar on Low Back Pain in the elderly July 31, 2021

Spine Society West Bengal Online Post Graduate Teaching Course on 28th November 2020

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The society seeks active support from various health related corporate bodies and organizations to sponsor - PG Teaching Program Usually 2 in a year - dedicated to the MS Orthopedics post graduate trainees
They can apply online/offline and the selection would be solely at the discretion of the executive committee of SSWB.

Online Sponsorship Application