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SSWB program in WBOACON 2016 at Burdwan on Febuary 6, 2016

Date: Feb 18, 2016

SSWB program - WBOACON 2016 on 6th February 2016 at Burdwan.

11.45 - 12.45
11.45 - 11.50
Welcome by the President -- Introduction of the Speaker
11.50 - 12.15
SSWB oration -- How to set up a Spinal Cord  Injury Service at your hospital
– Dr H. S. Chhabra
12.15 - 12.45
Case Presentation by Moderator -- 4 mins
Classification and Pathomechanics -- 4 mins
Clinicoradiological Evaluation -- 4 mins
Surgical considerations -- 4 mins
Complications and Pitfalls of Surgery -- 4 mins
Discussions and Solutions to the cases presented by the Moderator -- 10 mins
– Dr Saumyajit Basu
– Dr Tarun Suri
– Dr Amitava Biswas
– Dr Abrar Ahmed
– Dr Kiran Mukhopadhyay
– Dr Saumyajit Basu
12.45 - 13.30
Executive committee meeting

SSWB seminar on Caries Spine on 7th November 2015 at SSKM Hospital

Date: Nov 7, 2015

Spine Society of West Bengal Seminar on Caries Spine at SSKM Hospital, Department of Orthopedics, 2ND Floor, Ronald Ross Building

Sessions :

11.00 - 11.12 : Clinico-radiological Evaluation of Caries Spine by Dr Abrar Ahmed

11.12 - 11.24 : Surgical Management of Caries Spine - When and What by Dr Kiran Mukhopadhyay

11.24 - 11.30 : Question / Answers

11.30 - 12.00 : Panel Discussion

  -- Current guidelines for Anti Tubercular Drug Treatment. by Dr Dhiman Ganguly, Dr Suparna Chatterjee

  -- Case: Drug Sensitive Thoracolumbar TB by Dr Saumyajit Basu

  -- Case: Drug Resistent Caries Spine by Dr Kaushik Sil

12.00 - 12.05 : TEA/COFEE

12.05 - 12.17 : Tuberculosis of the Cranio-Vertebral Junction by Dr Sandip Chatterjee

12.17 - 12.20 : Question / Answers

12.20 - 12.28 : Case Presentation 1 - Cervical Caries Spine with quadriparesis by Dr Sandeep Kesharwani

12.28 - 12.36 : Case Presentation 2 - Dorsolumbar TB with neurodeficit by Dr R. Kartikueyan / Dr Prasad Krishnan

12.36 - 12.44 : Case Presentation 3 - Dorsolumbar Caries Spine by Junior Resident, ORTHO, SSKM

12.44 - 12.52 : Case Presentation 4 - Paediatric Caries Spine with deformity by Dr Tarun Suri

12.52 - 13.00 : Case Presentation 5 - A case of Lumbo-sacral Tuberculosis by Dr Chiranjit Dey



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SSWB Seminar on Spinal Injuries at Calcutta Medical College on 19th September 2015

Date: Sep 19, 2015

Spine Society of West Bengal Clinical Meeting on Spinal Injuries held at Calcutta Medical College

▸ 11.00 to 11.15
Upper Cervical Injuries – Dr Prasad Krishnan

▸ 11.15 to 11.25
Subaxial Cervical Injuries – Dr Abrar Ahmed

▸ 11.25 to 11.35
Q/A and Discussions

▸ 11.35 to 11.45
Case Presentation – Dr Amitava Biswas

▸ 11.45 to 11.55
Case Presentation – Dr Tarun Suri

▸ 11.55 to 12.05
Tea break

▸ 12.05 to 12.15
Evaluation of TL injuries - clinical and radiological – Dr Chinmoy Nath

▸ 12.15 to 12.25
Strategies of Management of TL injuries – Dr Saumyajit Basu

▸ 12.25 to 12.35
Q/A and Discussions

▸ 12.35 to 12.45
Case Presentation – Dr Kondety Chaitanya

▸ 12.45 to 12.55
Case Presentation – Dr Paras Banka

▸ 12.55 to 13.05
Case Presentation – Dr Sanjay Kumar


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Date: May 2, 2015

This meeting was organized by Dr. Chinmoy De, HOD, Department of Orthopaedics, Burdwan Medical College and Vice President, SSWB. This meeting was unique of its kind, as there was Live Surgery Demonstration with two way interaction between the Faculty and the participants. Two eminent spine surgeons from Kolkata, who are presently also the Office bearers of the Society had kindly consented to spare their valuable time in doing these surgical case demonstrations. There were two cases running concurrently : one patient with caries spine with paraparesis operated by Dr Saumyajit Basu, Consultant Spine Surgeon, Park Clinic, Kolkata and another patient with Lumbar Disc Prolapse operated for decompression/ discectomy by Dr. Abrar Ahmed, Consultant Spine Surgeon, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata. The Live Surgery Demonstration was intermittently studded with very useful and relevant clinical lectures by various surgeons belonging to the Society for the benefit of the Post-graduate trainees. There was a very encouraging response from the participants and the 2 way communication between the participants and the Faculty was a grand success. The symposium concluded with EC Meeting and Lunch.
The following are the lectures that were included in the schedule comprising of topics relevant to the two surgical cases demonstrated:

1. Caries Spine: Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis ---Dr. Kiran Mukhopadhyay
2. Management of Caries Spine----Dr. Abrar Ahmed
3. Paediatric Caries Spine----Dr. Amitava Biswas
4. Pathogenesis and Clinical Features of Lumbar Disc Prolapse---Dr. Chinmoy Nath
5. Management of Lumbar Disc Prolapse---Dr Abhishek Ray

West Bengal Orthopaedic Association Conference (WBOACON) 2015

Date: Feb 14, 2015

The conference was held from February 13th to 15th at Shankarpur near Digha and was a grand success. For the first time, there was a dedicated session hosted by the Spine Society of West Bengal (SSWB) and it was very well attended. The session took place on 14th February 2015.

The session started off with a welcome address by the President of SSWB, Dr Kunal Sengupta followed by SSWB Oration, which was delivered by Dr Ram Chaddha, senior consultant Spine Surgeon, Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai and the current President of ASSI (Association of Spine Surgeons of India). He spoke extensively on OSTEOPOROTIC VERTEBRAL FRACTURES - CURRENT CONCEPTS and covered all the important aspects of the topic in an absorbing lecture. This was followed by two debates - one on MIS vs Open TLIF in degenerative low grade spondylolisthesis and the other on whether Reduction was always necessary in high grade spondylolisthesis. The former topic was debated by Dr Amitava Biswas, Park Clinic, Kolkata and Dr Prashant Baid, Apollo Hospital, Kolkata. The latter topic was debated by Dr Arvind Jayaswal, AIIMS, New Delhi and Dr Abrar Ahmed, Apollo Hospital, Kolkata. Both the debates were very lively and it was moderated along with a relevant case discussion by Dr Saumyajit Basu, Secretary SSWB.

This year, being the inaugural year of SSWB session in WBOACON, we were overwhelmed by the response from the delegates and we hope to come up with better and more interactive sessions in the future.

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