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Spinal cord Injury program Day on 5th September 2016

Date: Sep 5, 2016

5th of September 2016 will go down in Kolkata's rich history of culture, compassion and social work as a remarkable day. Spine Society of West Bengal's decision to observe Spinal Cord Injury Day to create awareness about the extent and implications of Spinal Cord Injury led to an event that touched hearts and was the first stepping stone in changing lives.

Despite an incessant downpour, doctors, thespians, connoisseurs of art, patients and their families thronged the Taj Gateway Ballroom to learn a different "lesson" this Teacher's day. The event started with a series if addresses where Dr. Saumyajit Basu and other members of the Spine Society of Bengal gave heartwarming and yet informative speeches about the occasion and why it's imperative to support SCI patients through the trauma they face. This was followed by an elaborate video where facts about SCI and it's long lasting impact on the life of it's patients were elucidated in really lucid terms. The fact that Kolkata is the rare metropolitan city without a SCI centre hit home and managed to disturbed everyone sitting in the audience.

Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for. The Red Curtain, presently the oldest English theatre group in the city and well known for its "theatre for causes" initiatives premiered Mastermoshai, a rib tickling comedy based on real life accounts of SCI survivors from West Bengal. Playwright and co director Sumit Roy and his cast of some of the most brilliant English theatre actors from the city including the impeccable Pradip Mitra as Mastermoshai brought alive the story of a motley crew of SCI survivors standing up for each other in a spoken English class. The audience laughed their hearts out but perhaps the most hitting moment of the play was when the real life survivors, on whom the play was based were brought up on the dias for the curtain call. The audience could not help but give a standing ovation, saluting the remarkable courage and sheer resilience of these people who despite being confined to wheelchairs, have reached pinnacles of success and have never let go of hope and kindness.

The event concluded with a grand fundraising dinner where the audience heartily participated. The donations collected through the play and the dinner would be used to create a Spinal Cord Injury support group in Kolkata, facilitated by The Red Curtain and the first of its kind. The audience members left with a heavy heart but with an informed mind and with the determination that Kolkata needs to stand by SSWB and help create a better future for SCI survivors and in short as the tagline of the event proclaimed: #bethebackbone.

SSWB SEMINAR ON SPONDYLOLISTHESIS : R. G. Kar Medical College & Hospital on 18th June 2016

Date: Jun 18, 2016

9.00 a.m. : LIVE SURGERY STARTS - for 180 minutes

Sessions :

10.20 a.m. : GUIDELINES OF MANAGEMENT - Kiron Mukhopahyay

12.00 noon : CASE DISCUSSIONS - 3 to 4 cases - each 15 minutes



Date: May 2, 2015

This meeting was organized by Dr. Chinmoy De, HOD, Department of Orthopaedics, Burdwan Medical College and Vice President, SSWB. This meeting was unique of its kind, as there was Live Surgery Demonstration with two way interaction between the Faculty and the participants. Two eminent spine surgeons from Kolkata, who are presently also the Office bearers of the Society had kindly consented to spare their valuable time in doing these surgical case demonstrations. There were two cases running concurrently : one patient with caries spine with paraparesis operated by Dr Saumyajit Basu, Consultant Spine Surgeon, Park Clinic, Kolkata and another patient with Lumbar Disc Prolapse operated for decompression/ discectomy by Dr. Abrar Ahmed, Consultant Spine Surgeon, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata. The Live Surgery Demonstration was intermittently studded with very useful and relevant clinical lectures by various surgeons belonging to the Society for the benefit of the Post-graduate trainees. There was a very encouraging response from the participants and the 2 way communication between the participants and the Faculty was a grand success. The symposium concluded with EC Meeting and Lunch.
The following are the lectures that were included in the schedule comprising of topics relevant to the two surgical cases demonstrated:

1. Caries Spine: Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis ---Dr. Kiran Mukhopadhyay
2. Management of Caries Spine----Dr. Abrar Ahmed
3. Paediatric Caries Spine----Dr. Amitava Biswas
4. Pathogenesis and Clinical Features of Lumbar Disc Prolapse---Dr. Chinmoy Nath
5. Management of Lumbar Disc Prolapse---Dr Abhishek Ray

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